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What if she hadn't come?

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

But What If...

"Josie” was 8 weeks pregnant when she came into LifeTalk for confirmation of pregnancy. She expressed no remorse for the abortion she had a year ago and was planning on choosing abortion again. Josie was adamant about her choice and refused to have a sonogram – she didn’t want to see her baby. While the patient advocate spoke about God’s love and forgiveness, tears rolled down Josie’s face. You see, Josie is a Christian, but said she isn’t ready for a baby. The patient advocate offered a Bible and asked Josie to read Psalms 139, which she did. Josie’s boyfriend, the father of her baby, joined them and the advocate led them in prayer and asked for guidance from God for this pregnancy. Although grateful, they left choosing abortion. Several weeks later the patient advocate called Josie and asked how she was doing. Josie explained that she moved out of state to be with her parents, that she was still pregnant, and she just recently had a sonogram. While her parents are excited about the pregnancy, Josie said she wanted to take things slow, but she decided she was keeping her baby! Josie was thankful for LifeTalk and said coming in to discuss and pray with an advocate made all the difference in her choosing life.

But what if Josie had not found LifeTalk and come in for a pregnancy test and counseling? She was determined to have an abortion as she had before. What if she were met with a judgmental attitude by our staff and volunteers or they “thumped” their Bibles and used righteous fervor with Josie? Then another baby would have been lost and an opportunity to further the Kingdom of God would have been squandered.

We are told not to dwell on the “what if’s” of this life, but I’d like to say we need to constantly reflect and adjust our approach to saving lives. Sometimes using “what if” will help us to stay true to our mission to promote life and share the Gospel.

In 2021, there were over 60,000 abortions performed in Texas, and that number doesn’t include the chemical abortions purchased over the internet by women who want the abortion pill. That 60,000 number is probably twice as large. We are facing an epic tsunami of death, the Holocaust of our times.

What if you were to pick today to stand up and say, “no more!”. What if you took the step God may be calling you to take and become a monthly supporter of LifeTalk today?

We are prepared to stem the tide of abortions here in Frisco and the surrounding communities, but we can’t do it alone. Please stand with us. God is able to do so much more than we ask or imagine, so

… what if you joined us today?

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