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Welcome to the Second Phase of Our Journey!

"It’s not enough to convince an expectant mom and dad to choose life. Mom, dad, and baby need well-rounded support to be successful with their choice, or we have not done our job.”

Our small staff supported by our dedicated volunteers, have made it their calling to care for expectant mothers and fathers who are struggling with unplanned pregnancies and considering abortion. By compassionately offering real hope and practical solutions, we see these moms and dads embrace life for their unborn babies, who most likely would otherwise have been lost to us.


To better serve our clients, we are moving to a new, larger transformed care facility. Our new building will have the capacity and capabilities to enable expectant parents to not just choose life, but a life of hope and promise for their unborn babies.


Our ministry is founded in the God-given conviction that each human life is precious. LifeTalk Resource Center was founded in 2008 and has been in our original location for over 15 years. The design of our current building poses obstacles that we must struggle to overcome every day to serve the needs of our clients, who have nearly doubled in the past three years.

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There is a lack of privacy with a cramped, crowded environment, a need for workspaces for staff and volunteers, an overwhelmed material assistance room that is bursting at the seams, and no room to expand our services which includes the new men’s ministry.

Our experience with expectant moms and dads who are struggling with an abortion decision have clearly pointed us toward a new model. We have learned that fearful moms and dads will choose life for their unborn babies when they believe there can be a hope-filled future for themselves and their babies.

It is an emotional choice as we help them visualize the new life developing within, but maybe more importantly, it is also a rational choice based on seeing a plan that puts their lives on track.


Our first step toward this new model is moving to a larger building consistent with our expanded vision and growing client count. A new building would be ideally positioned to draw from a large surrounding area. Frisco is one of the fastest growing locations in the county and we need to be located here. 

We have received $122,250 of donations to soften the financial impact of a new building’s cost. These gifts have put us within financial reach of what we need for increased client capacity and service line expansion.




Current Services:

  • Pregnancy testing and information

  • STI testing

  • Ultrasounds

  • Men’s Program/Mentoring

  • Post-abortion healing

  • Mentoring Moms/Dads program

  • Parenting & Pregnancy classes

  • Material assistance

  • Community Referrals


Expansion Campaign

Our new goal is to raise $250,000 for a down payment and moving costs. We can only do this with your support!

We have exceptional opportunities to remember loved ones with permanent naming rights for particular rooms and services within our new building. We ask you to make LifeTalk Resource Center one of your major charities, consistent with our expansive vision for empowering more families with thriving, successful lives.

LifeTalk Resource Center has a vision for a brighter future for more of the vulnerable expectant moms and dads across the North Texas region. We are ready to stand with you against organizations that seek a vastly different outcome for these unborn babies and their parents.

We ask you to stand with us as we seek to rescue the unborn, provide men and women with real hope, and a chance to thrive. Please help us by donating now.

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