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Join us for stories creatively spotlighting what Lifetalk is doing in our community to empower the choice of life, the good that’s taking place, and the demand that still exists.


October 14, 2023

Frisco First Baptist Church at 6:00 PM


About the Gala

So often, what we hear about abortion are snippets of the legal battles, media talking points, and opinions riffled across social media.


But what happens in real day-to-day life is more complex and charged for the women and families that face the difficult decision between life and abortion. 


For them, it’s much more than a topic or talking point. It’s a decision that often ends relationships, mental health, and, unfortunately, life.


In many cases, though, a little help can kindle hope. And hope shapes perspective, and perspective transforms decisions.


This year, three stories offer an in-depth understanding of the conversation around life and death decisions from several perspectives and the opportunity our community has to become part of the story, too.


Please join us this year and be a part of the continuing story of impacting our community for life. 


Why Attend?

Each year, LifeTalk Resource Center stands with several hundred women during what some call the most difficult season of their life. This work saves and transforms lives. But there are so many more we can’t reach. 


These stories spotlight what’s happening in our community — the good that’s taking place and the demand that still exists.


The U.S. Census reports that more than 2 million people live in Denton and Collin County and that 50% are female. And that around 20% of the population live at or below the poverty level or do not have health insurance. This means we could double our capacity to see clients and still not meet the demand.

It’s been stated that we are the best-kept secret in Frisco. We desperately need that to change as we seek to reach more abortion-determined clients. Reaching more women, expanding our medical staff, and increasing volunteers and advocates all work together to allow us to meet the demand of our communities.


Your attendance makes more of a difference than you know. A successful Gala empowers us to empower our clients. 


Together we can save lives and positively impact people and families.


Dinner prepared by Food Network’s “Chopped” Winner

Chef Wade Burch

Before creating WB’s kitchen, Chef Wade Burch, CEC, was Executive Chef of Perle on Maple at Le Méridien Dallas, The Stoneleigh.

He brings a cultivated palate from his training at the School for American Chefs, at Beringer Vineyards in Napa Valley, and Windows on the World Wine School in NYC.

Chef Wade has also graced the kitchens of notable properties coast to coast, including The Plaza Hotel in New York, The Pan Pacific Hotel in San Francisco, and The Hotel Crescent Court in Dallas, just to name a few.

Chef lives in Frisco with his wife, Lisa, and their daughters.



5:15 PM Doors Open

8:30 PM Gala Concludes


Have questions? Call LifeTalk Resource Center at 214-618-9352 or message us on Facebook or Instagram.

Common Questions

Are masks required?

Masks or face coverings are not required but are certainly allowed. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please do so.


What is the dress attire?

Guests are asked to dress semi-formal.


How is seating arranged?

Guests will be seated at round tables, with 8 guests total per table.


Can you accommodate special dietary needs?

In most cases, yes. Please let your server know your need; they will assist you with any available options.


Can I purchase tickets by phone or mail?

Tickets can be purchased online and by phone. Contact us at 214-618-9352.


Do I need to bring tickets?

We will have a guest list. You do not need to print your ticket.


Reserve Your Seats

Seating can be reserved online or by phone. Each reserved seat receives dinner and dessert. Because seating is limited, we encourage you to reserve seating for your guest early and all at one time.

To reserve seats by phone, call 214-618-9352.


LifeTalk Resource Center is a 501c3. Tickets and spnsorships may be tax-deductible.


Sponsor the Gala

Opportunities to sponsor the Once Upon a Time Gala are available to a limited number of sponsors. Sponsors receive pre-event and event recognition, special seating, and additional benefits. Sponsors can be individuals, families, nonprofits, or businesses. 


LifeTalk Resource Center is a 501c3. Sponsorships may be tax-deductible.










Platinum Level Sponsors

Platinum Level Sponsors receive special seating for 8 guests, prestigious logo and written recognition in emails, letters, social media posts, and at the event, and a limited-run commemorative coffee table book signed by the storytellers.

Gold Level Sponsors

Gold Level Sponsors receive special seating for 4 guests, logo recognition before and at the event, distinction as the dessert sponsor, and a limited-run commemorative coffee table book.

Silver Level Sponsors

Silver Level Sponsors receive special seating for 2 guests, written recognition before and at the event, and a limited-run commemorative coffee table book.

Bronze Level Sponsors

Bronze Level Sponsors receive special seating for 2 guests and written recognition before and at the event.

Spread the Word

Together, we can support those who need it the most and build a stronger community of people who respect life. Help us reach as many people as possible who may be interested in attending this year’s gala.

Share this page on your social media profiles, email your network, and tell others about the event and sponsorship opportunities. Every little bit helps, and your efforts can make a significant difference in the lives of others!

The stories guests will hear are real and personal LifeTalk stories told by seasoned storytellers. We ask that all guests be supportive and respectful. LifeTalk Resource Center reserves the right to remove any disruptive guests.

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